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Would you like to feel confident about your GDPR compliance?

Data Protection Providers Ltd. helps organisations go through simple steps to become GDPR ready and provide ongoing audits to ensure you remain compliant. We work with small and medium-sized organisations that don’t have the resources to appoint their own Data Protection Officer (DPO), and we fulfil that role.

We walk through the steps of data mapping, risk analysis, deciding on changes to comply with GDPR, implementing new procedures internally, rolling out staff training and awareness and publishing a data protection policy for your organisation.

Services we provide:

  • GDPR Gap Analysis & Implementation
  • Staff Training and Awareness Programmes
  • Data Protection Officer as a Service
  • GDPR Certification & Regular Audits

Countdown to GDPR on May 25th, 2018








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Interview with Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon

‘We see the GDPR as heralding a new era in the regulation and processing of personal data, and by that, we mean that the GDPR is bringing in amplified and expanded rights for individuals to control their destiny in terms of the data that’s collected and processed, and then correspondingly, it’s putting a new range of new obligations on organisations that collect and process personal data to ensure that they are meeting those rights.

And on top of that then, for data protection authorities like the Irish DPC, it’s giving us a whole new enforcement focus. We’re going to have a range of sanctions we can impose on organisations that contravene data protection legislation, and we’re also going to have the capability to impose very large administrative fines.’

An Article from DPPL on Practical Steps for GDPR Implementation, as Featured in Irish Tech News.

Although the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is mainly aimed at companies with more than 250 employees or high volumes of data processing, all companies will need to be compliant to a certain extent, and it is important to demonstrate that you have taken steps to address this as significant fines may apply, arising from audits, inspections or reported data breaches.

There is a wealth of information on the GDPR available, but in this article, I am giving you very practical steps to allow you to take the necessary action in your organisation to be ready for May 25th, 2018. I am also giving some examples of processes I have been involved with to give you get a real-life feel for the process.

An Article by Georgina Kearney of DPPL, Featured By Irish Health Hour, Advising Health & Wellness Professionals on GDPR Implementation

This article is aimed at professionals working in health & wellness fields such as fitness, acupuncture, massage and coaching who are self-employed. As you collect sensitive personal data, it is important to protect yourself and your clients, and this article will guide you on how to prepare yourself.


We look at the steps involved in the implementation and the areas you need to consider, such as reviewing the information required on your intake assessment form, storing client notes, securing email and laptops, and we provide a sample data protection policy that you can use.


Owned and Operated by Qualified CIMA Accountants, Niall Mooney & Georgina Kearney

Georgina Kearney runs Sustained Growth Consulting Services and works with SMEs to help them grow their businesses. She has held various corporate management positions and also spent three years as co-founder of a tech startup. She co-founded DPPL as she had heard from many business owners regarding their concern around the GDPR deadline. As finance is her background, she is also aware that not being GDPR-compliant is a contingent liability for any business after May 25th, 2018. She sought to put a solution in place to allow businesses to access a straight-forward, affordable solution.

Niall Mooney runs Accurate Accounting, an accountancy practice that he has built up over the last seven years. He works with many startups and growing companies throughout Ireland. He is an accountant and business advisor and has taken two startups through to exit stage. Based on client feedback, he decided to co-found Data Protection Providers Ltd. to fulfil the role of Data Protection Officer for the great number of companies that lack the time or resources to do this in-house.